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Our Services

Wether you need a shoe cleaning and or knife sharpening session we come to you and deliver.

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Shoe cleaning

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Sneakers cleaning

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knife sharpening

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Shoe cleaning session

We polish, shine, and restore leather, nubuck and suede shoe.
For each session, we clean a minimum of 3 pairs of shoes in a bundle.
We clean men, women and kids shoes. You save money per session and no one is left behind. 
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Sneakers cleaning

We carefully clean your light of deep dirty sneakers. Weather it is leather, suede, mesh or  We use top quality products to ensure a quick and great result. no need to wait longs days to get your sneakers back. Learn more more about our Sneakcare Bundles

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knife sharpening

We sharpen all kind of kitchen knives. Our professional 3-stage knife sharpener combines strength and durability. The ultra-sharp 15 degree EdgeSelect technology sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives. Each session we sharpen a minimum of 5 knives. Learn more about our bundles

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