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Neat and SharP

The unique mobile shining and sharpening company

NeaT and SharP is the very first company in the US based in NYC that polishes and sharpens at the same time. Our vision is to relieve Americans from the burden of wearing dirty shoes and struggling when cooking because of bad knives.

Our added value is definitely the mobile service. We save you time,  by coming to you and delivering a fast and quality service at a very affordable price. No more long waiting days to get your shoes cleaned or knives sharpened. 

Team & Vision



Who we are

We are a team of youg dedcated professionals, passionate about shoe cleaning and providing solution to the most urgent needs of NYC residents.

The vision

We believe that a neat and well shined shoe build a sense of pride, happiness and also inspires respect. 

On the other hand we wanna solve two in one by helping fans of cooking in solving one of their biggest burden which is dealing with bad knives.

Yes the two at the same time is possible so why not?

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